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Get to know your photographer

Austin Wedding Photographer | Eric Kotara
A few things about me:

I have better vision than this picture suggests, promise… and a better camera :)

I am 28, married, no kids, two cats (one thinks it’s a dog) with a cute apartment downtown.

I have only lived in Austin for one year, but I got here as fast as I could. Before that, I lived in San Antonio, Dallas, South Texas, and a short stint in Rome, Italy in college. I love Austin!!!

My wife and I love to travel; I guess you could call that our hobby. We don’t really have hobbies, we just do all sorts of stuff in place of not owning a TV.

I’m more of a summer weather kinda guy. I grew up about as far south as you can get in Texas. You won’t hear me complain much about the heat, but you may find me wearing scarves and wool hats when it’s in the 50’s.

I have a degree in Biology from a liberal arts institution, and I am a photographer. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

I hold the record for the fastest and most dramatic change from staunch facebook shunner to complete addict. It was fast, REALLY fast! Check out my fan page for Downtown Imagery here.

I have a weird interest in electronic music and sound synthesis, which drives my wife and cats to ever higher states of both irritation and fascination. I like to think that the cats are trying to sing along, but in reality they are most likely trying to tell me to stop making noise.

I also play guitar and mandolin; and even used to play in a bluegrass band in Dallas way back in my reckless college youth days. I can make some pretty awful sounds with a fiddle. Please don’t ask me to sing, it’s worse than the fiddle.

Painting is fun too, just kinda slow.

Ceramics = playing in mud for adults = my kinda art :)

Funky photographic processes are really exciting and fun. Cyanotypes, pinholes, Holga and Lomography; all very cool.