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What’s in the bag

For anyone interested, here is a list of the commonly used equipment that I currently use when photographing weddings, bridals, engagements, etc. Each item links to a page with more info.

Canon 5D Mark II: First full frame dSLR to offer 1080P video capture. It’s entry into the market was heralded by a wonderful video piece made by New York photographer Vincent Laforet – Reverie.

Canon 5D Mark I: The classic venerable old friend. For anyone in the market for a great camera I recommend finding one of these from a quality used vendor, they are a great buy right now.

Canon 30D: I had this camera converted by Lifepixel to be sensitive to Infrared and not visible light. Mostly a landscape camera, it will occasionally come out for wedding and portrait photography, but not often and only when the situation calls for it. It makes skies very black, and foliage white, while doing some painterly stuff to skin texture best described as antique vintage.

I use Souldier Straps on my cameras. They ROCK!!! I wrote a blog post about why I love them so much on my other blog. I really do think these are the best camera straps in the world.

24-70 2.8L: This is my go-to lens that is on my camera more than any other. It’s big, but it is a very versatile lens for client work as well as travel.

70-200 2.8L IS: An expensive, well engineered, brick of a lens. This lens is all about portraits and long shots, and it does both well.

17-40 4L: An ultra-wide angle lens used for special shots here and there. It is good for sucking a room into the frame and doing funny things to pets up close.

My beloved 15mm fisheye: Some weddings I won’t even use it, but when I do, it will add a whole new perspective to your wedding photographs. It takes very special circumstances to use this lens so it doesn’t come out much. It’s very bendy, and captures a nearly 180° field of view.

50mm Macro: This lens let’s me get up close and take sharp images of your rings, your details, cakes, flowers, etc.

580 EX II
430 EX II

I also use two Alien Bee B800’s, with a Vagabond battery inverter to take them on location for REALLY GOOD light, anywhere.

Tons of cables, stands, doohickeys, left handed monkey wrenches, doodads and whoosiwhatsits. And don’t forget the gaffers’ tape; the best tape under the heavens.